SGB Halloween Festa 2011

SGB Halloween Festa 2011
2011.10.21 —– 2011.10.31

:: c.A. :: KIRAFUWA-Earmaff set
[:: c.A. :: KIRAFUWA-Earmaff “Beige”]
[:: c.A. :: KIRAFUWA-Earmaff “Brown”]


SGB Halloween Festa 2011 →SLurl

■How to purchase on discounted item

1) Join the group ”SGBs Resort Co.” 

2) Active a group tag”SGBs Resort Co.” 

3) Attach SGBs Discount Ticket(HUD) 

Then you can purchase a discount item!
※As for the free item, an amount of money is not displayed by a payment dialog
then purchased goods has been sent by touch a vendor.

Caution:Please P make sure to attach HUD after active a group tag”SGBs Resort Co.”


1) ”SGBs Resort Co.” グループに加入します。

2) ”SGBs Resort Co.” グループタグをアクティブにします。

3) SGBs Discount Ticket(HUD) を装着します。

4) ディスカウントアイテムが購入できます。


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